Experts say extreme weather events (like the recent 2015 Chennai Floods) are caused by Global Warming. Solar Power helps to mitigate this. 1 KW plant ,in a year reduces almost 1 tonne of CO2 emissions.

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Solar power is a form of clean, Green Energy. It is generated without smoke , noise or any other type of pollution. Saves money in the long run as the Solar Power plants would work well for 25 Years with minimum maintenance.

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Save money with solar energy. Don't just live under the sun. Harness its power and save money! If we compare the total consumption of electricity and cost of solar, then solar is much more cheaper than electricity.

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All the known energy forms on earth can be traced back to the Sun..!

The solar energy that hits the earth every second is equivalent to 4 trillion 100-watt light bulbs. Furthermore, the solar energy that hits one square mile in a year is equivalent to 4 million barrels of oil. Thus, the potential of solar energy is immense.