Great saving on Income Tax, Energy Bill & Carbon Emission..

  • Commercial consumers (Office,factories,Malls,Hospitals,Clinics) can avail Accelerated Depreciation of upto 80% of the cost of Solar on the very first year, thus saving on Income Tax.
  • In addition to the above, properly designed On Grid System can drastically reduce your Energy Bill.
  • A 1 KW Solar power plant is equivalent to planting 20 trees.. this will save that much carbon emission.!

Distinguish the most common misconceptions on solar power.

Solar Power is to be used when there is no Utility (EB) power .. and not needed when there is no Power Cuts.
Solar Power can be used even when the Utility (EB) Power is present. In fact we can save more money on Electricity Bill by going On Grid Solar when EB is present most of the time.t
Solar Power is very costly and not affordable.

Solar Power tariffs have come down drastically and it now very much on Par with Utility rates or in some cases cheaper.

Solar Power needs no maintenance, no fuel or running cost. It is very much affordable in the long run.

Need huge area in acres, for putting up a Solar Power Plant.

Minimum of 100 Sqft Area is enough to put up a 1 KW Solar plant on a roof top. This will generate 4 to 5 KWh of energy in a day.


Builders/Flat Promoters can bundle Solar Power to their offerings..!


  • For Villas/Independent houses, On-Grid Solar Power can reduce the electricity consumption by 30% to 50%
  • For Flats, common areas / parking lots/street lights can be powered using Off-Grid Solar, and maintenance cost gets reduced considerably.
  • Include Solar in the overall architecture, enhancing the aesthetic value.