All DC Solar Installations

We have installed more than 25 systems in and around Chennai, and places like Karur and Erode.

Here are some views of these projects.

1. Neelankarai Chennai:

Our very first system.. Installed in June 2017. The customer is very keen on Renewable Energy and he had readily accepted the new concept of All – DC Solar.

Four Panels of 125  Wp are used in this system.

Controller Box - Neelankarai

Controller Box

The house is spread over two floors.. totally 6 Ceiling fans and 8 Tube Lights, and 10 LED bulbs were being used.

2.Warehouse at Gopalapuram:

This is a bigger system, covering all the lights and fans on 3 Floors of the ware house.

Two numbers of 4S system comprising 8 Panels are used.

Installed in March 2018.

Panels 8 x 125 Wp

For the first time 48V DC false ceiling lights were used here.

Controllers and Battery Box

3. Independent Villa at Gerugambakkam

A 4S system was installed in April 2018.. 48V DC BLDC fans from Atomberg (Gorilla) and Superfan were used.

Panels 4 x 125 Wp

Controller Box and Battery Trolley

4. ECR (Vettuvankeni) Villa – 2 x 4S system

Another 1000 W (2 nos of 500 W ERA 4S DC system) was installed at a brand new villa at Vettuvankeni.

The customer is very environment conscious and has used new techniques in building his home.

We have used extensively Warm White LED lights (with yellowish orange glow) that operate at 48 V DC for this project.

Panels 8 x 125 Wp

Controllers and Battery Boxes

5. Flat at Nanganallur 2S system

ERA 2S system with 2 x 125 Wp panels used at this 2 storied flat at Nanganallur New colony.

2 x 125 Wp Panels

Controller and Battery

6. Temple at Sholavaram

This is a 50 Year Old temple at a small village near Sholavaram. Originally a 2 S System was installed which was soon upgraded to a 4 S system.

Here are some pictures:

4 x 125 Wp Panels

Please note the above video shows the temple just before Kumbabhishekam.. additional lights other than DC are also used here for the occasion. All the round lights on the ceiling are DC lights.

7. Cow Shed at Kundrathur

We have installed DC solar (ERA 2S with lights mainly) at a cow shed.

Panels on the sheet roof
Controller and Battery

8. Guest House near Auroville – ERA 4 S

ERA 4S system with 500 W (125 x 4) Panels are used here. Wall mounted fans, out door lights were used among other things.

Panels 4 x 125 Wp
Controller and Battery

9. Villa at Erode ERA 4S x 2

Another villa installation.. two floors each serviced by a 4S (500 W) system.

Panels 8 x 125 Wp

The new home just before Grahapravesam.. (note not all lights shown are DC).

The new Home
DC Tube lights and Fans

10. Independent House at Mylapore

Another 2S system installed in July 2018. Its a stand 3 Light 3 Fan installation.

Panels on the terrace
Controller Box

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