Frequently Asked Questions on Rooftop Solar.  தமிழில் காண

What are the types of Rooftop Solar Power Plants ?
Why is an On Grid System switches off when EB power Fails?
If an On Grid Solar Plant can not work during power failures, then why should we install it at all ?
What are the advantage/disadvantage of an On Grid System ?
Why an Off Grid System is not recommended for residential use ?
What are the advantage/disadvantage of an Off Grid System ?
What is NetMetering ?
What is Accelerated Depreciation ?
How much space is needed to install a roof-top Solar Power Plant ?
Do we get Government Subsidy for residential/commercial Roof-Top Power Plants ?
How to get the Government subsidy for an On Grid Roof top system ?
Can we make an existing Inverter/Battery system to work on Solar ?
What are the benefits of Solar for Commercial establishments ?

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