Why you should choose solar energy?

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The recent Chennai floods which submerged most of the city  , is a clear warning sign that extreme weather events are here to stay .

Experts say these events are mainly due to the excessive warming of the Sea Surface and the Earth in general. This phenomena is termed as Global Warming. And scientists say that this warming effect is due the presence of excess amounts of CO2 (Carbon-Di-Oxide) and other such Gases in the air.

By installing a Solar Power on our roof top , we do our bit to mitigate / reduce this Global warming and save the environment for the Future Generation.

A typical Solar PV plant of 1 KW capacity can generate 4 Units (Kwh) of Energy each day.

In India we get a minimum of 300 sunshine days in a year.

So the Energy generated by a 1 KW Plant in a year would be around 1200 Units (1200 Kwh).

It has been found that for a every KWh of Energy generated by Solar we save 0.72 Kg of CO2 emission.

That means a 1 KW plant can reduce 864 Kg (=1200 x 0.72) of CO2 Emissions in a year..

That is close to a tonne..! This is equivalent to planting about 20 trees on your roof top without the need for any maintenance.

So it is really the right time to Go Green .. and Go Solar..

Check our FAQ  section for the types of Solar Plants that you can install with their cost details.

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